Monday, April 05, 2004

finally started my blog account..nthg much to do at home now..cos i'm off frm work today..n i do love my job alot..giving me an opportunity to meet lots of different types of pple..n i get to learn how to handle them..pretty good experience..i get to pple watch n realise that there is a wide range of pple in this world..n than i'm just another fella in this world..n on the other hand..the world can be a pretty small one..cos i get to meet many familar faces..that's like good..cos get to meet up with my friends..starting to love tis job even more than before..mayb a little crazy but i kinda look forward to work everyday..life is different after i graduate frm jcno more tutorials, lectures n sleeping class..n exams..but tis present state of life is just temporary..i have more time for myself now..n i prefer it tis way..to be able to do things within my control and to my preference..i hate to be restricted n loves freedom.. previously i watch 'honey' n it inspired me to want to go n pursue my interest in dance again..somehow the passion is still there i guess..not so sure if i wana go professional in it yet..but its still my interest..n my dream to perform at the esplande..hope it will come true than..

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